Shopping jewels Paris France

Indulge yourself with a French Fashion Coach to discover the Marais and Parisian young designers

The Paris des Parisiens

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Shopping Dress
Shopping Dress

In the heart of Paris, one of the oldest quarters of the French Capital, Le Marais, famous for its beautiful mansions dating back from  the French Renaissance, also shelters chic, trendy and up-to-the minute boutiques and young designers.

Meet these Parisian young designers in their "boutiques-atelier", creating hand-made clothing or one-off designs who will be happy to share their savoir faire with you.

Discover with our guide hidden designers boutiques and these new concept-stores, off the beaten tracks, such as patented inventions for every day use, hats made with cactus leaves, belts which buckles and leather strips sold separately etc... -

Each tour can be tailor made according to number of participants, duration (half a day to 2 full days) and your priorities.

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